When we are on stage the audience is plunged into darkness, and we musicians, concentrated, have little opportunity to observe it in detail. A glance, a movement, a cough can be. I hadn't noticed Niccoli any more on the small stage at the Sunset than others, but he had enjoyed what we had played that evening so much that he wrote to ask me for permission to sing Inner Sanctum from my album Acoustica. Sung? Sing ? I would never have thought of it. Armed with my (obvious) and (enthusiastic) permission, Niccoli set about the task with the complicity of lyricist Pier-Olivier Marais. Through the talent of these two, Inner Sanctum became Alma Libera, and was transformed into a timeless and seductive Italian melody. We wanted to record it and share it with you. E viva buona musica, pizza e la bella Italia!  


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