All across the city is a track by jazz guitarist Jim Hall. For those who do not know this musician, it is time to take an interest in this discreet and erudite gentleman and his albums featuring Bill Evans, Paul Desmond and Sonny Rollins, to name but a few of the great names in jazz. For my part, I really like this song with its sophisticated harmonies and changing pulsation. The title itself inspired my version a lot and I voluntarily leave breaths and silences, it's a walk over the city where nothing is regular or constant, the original version was recorded in 1966 in duo with pianist Bill Evans on the album "Intermodulation".For my part, I recorded my version on a very beautiful guitar made by the Spanish luthier José Ramirez in 1978, which I recently acquired, and I am digging with All across the city the groove drawn by Jim Hall in the 1960s between classical music and jazz, a groove made up of curves and ancestors, finally in the image of the music itself.

Jean de Aguiar July 2019

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